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I treasure all of your books and keep them on our coffee table in the living room.

Linda Knox Card

Linda Knox, Edgewood, Tx


A cover story in Van Zandt News, December 22, 2013 edition, by staff writer, Britne Reeves.



Artist Publishes Book of Her North East Texas Views

(click here to read it in County Line Magazine’s website)

Review by Tom Geddie for County Line Magazine, March 2013

Ine Burke’s photography book, My North East Texas, focuses on old buildings and landmarks and details from these once-ordinary places, often with an attention to pieces designed to help Burke – and viewers – as she put it, “see beyond the ordinary.”

Most of the black-and-white or sepia photos were shot in the area centered around Hwys. 80 and 19, from Paris to Tyler to Athens and Kerens and points in between, with an excursion to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas.

Shooting the photos led Burke to study of the history and stories that shape the communities, with 15 pages of that history and background shared in the hundred-page book. Most of the rest of the book is the photos themselves, most of them one to a page so that they are big enough to study.

What do these pictures mean? They share the past, and the past seeping into the present, hanging on as time and place change. What some of us value, and what we will eventually, in some cases, forget. And what they mean is up to each viewer’s interpretation as much as it is Burke, the photographer.

To get the most from the experience, don’t hurry through the book. Study the images. Look beyond the surface. See what’s there to see: form and shape, content and context. After studying each image, what response does it evoke” How about the accumulation of images that make the book? Is the accumulation random? Whether that’s so or not, how do they connect to one another in the viewer’s mind?

Is everything in the image expected, or is there something new to focus on? What does someone else see in the image? Discuss what it might mean to each; not “right” or “wrong,” but personal meaning.

Consider the difference between snapshots (which in this technological age are as common as sparrows in spring) and photographs, carefully considered images. Each has it place.

The photograph – as art – is more than a simple visual record, more likely to create, for the careful viewer and, if the image is strong enough, even the casual glance that begins to linger. Consider the overall composition, the light and shadows, and the “snapper’s” intent.

Burke’s work might look like simple snapshots at first, but give them a closer, deliberate look.

In addition to taking the photos, Burke, who lives in Edgewood, also designed the book, and wrote the text with her husband, Harold Burke.

My North East Texas is available at a number of locations, including the Edgewood Heritage Park office and gift shop, Lumberyard Café in Edgewood, Flying Fish Gallery in Ben Wheeler, All Through The House antique/gift shop/home décor in Emory, and in Grand Saline at Nutty’s Peanut Butter Store and Means Home Centre, and at https://inegaleri.com/shop-online.


Book Review in Rains County Leader 19Feb2013a

Review by Linda Rowland for Rains County Leader, Emory, Texas – February 19th, 2013


I loved, loved the book!!! We have passed it around the office and ooh and awww over it. When I move into my new office I will be able to display it. This book (My Northeast Texas) is going to be a great show piece.

Lisa Morrison, Grand Saline Main Street


I am just now visiting your webpage. I am so impressed by your beautiful work. Thank you, thank you for sharing your gifts! I am going straight to your “store” to buy.

Pamela Jackson, Edgewood, Tx


Hi Ine. I bought a print and a book from you at the Heritage Festival.  I love the book !  It captures my hometown and that part of my soul in such an artful and poignant way.  I knew what to expect from the photos, because I saw some of them in the shop where you were selling them.  But I didn’t anticipate the beautiful prose describing what I’ve always known and appreciated in the town where I grew up.  My parents have lived in the same place for 45 years. It was simple and bucolic.

I love your photos.  They really capture where we live.  Mostly, I love that you noticed and took a photo of the road. How many times I have walked on our blacktop road as a barefoot child and as an adult, noticing the strange beauty with rocks stuck in little veins here and there, the little holes that would fill with water, the parts of the blacktop melting and undulating from the hot summer sun, and following it around this bend or that, and leading me here and taking me there.

Thank you, Ine for seeing what I see, and for capturing it in such a beautiful way.

Tami Wadlington, Arlington, Tx


Beautiful pictures! God bless.Lauren Huvul


Your pictures make me smile! Thank you!Bunting Family, Wills Point, Tx


U R AMAZING!Melinda Smith, Edgewood, Tx


LOVE! LOVE! You are an artist!Buddy & Pat Camper, Hideaway, Tx


Excellent photography – Fascinating photos!Marty Reason, Dallas, Tx


Amazing works! Kim Danvers, Edgewood, Tx

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