In Prints, On Walls

Cover photo for Explore, Van Zandt Newspapers, 2015/2016


In County Line Magazine, March / April 2015 issueCLM March 2015 S


In Van Zandt News, December 8th, 2013, photographs from the Ben Wheeler Christmas Parade.



In County Line Magazine, November / December 2013 issue, page 20: Fruits of Fall.

Fruits of Fall CLM2013


In County Line Magazine, July/August 2013 issue, Page 17 (Wills Point Depot Museum) & Page 31 (Poetry: Summer, by Harold Burke, Photo by Ine Burke)



Another work published in County Line Magazine, November 2012 issue, Page 12-13, photos of Hopkins County Veteran Memorial Park, with article written by the publisher & managing editor, P.A. Geddie; and Page 16-17, photos of the Edgewood Historical Society directors and Edgewood Heritage Festival, with article written by my husband, Harold Burke.


My article and photos in County Line Magazine, October 2012 issue, Page 10-13, Discover 300 years of History in 35 Miles, A Self Guided Tour of the Dallas-Shreveport Historic Parkway in Van Zandt County (click here to see the online version).


My photo from The Battle of the Neches Memorial 2012 and an article and photos on Emory Heritage Park printed in County Line Magazine, August 2012 issue, on Page 5, 40, and 41, and online at this link.


My photos in County Line Magazine, July 2012 issue, on Page 19 – A View of My Favorite Things, covered landmarks and events around US Hwy 80 and TX Hwy 19, North East Texas.

County Line Magazine, July 2012 – Page 19

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