Flights of Hawks

Edgewood, Nature, Summer

A group of hawks (not sure what the exact species name is) occasionally glide playfully above us. They make synchronized flights in circle then suddenly break apart into a chaos burst.  This event usually occurs when a cold front is coming to the area. They fly and glide as low as the tree tops, sometimes dive down even lower, another time very high up in the sky.  Group of 30, and one time even maybe hundreds, seem to enjoy the cool air draft and glide along with it.  It’s a quite a show.

20150819-149_0063_Hawk Flights 20150819-149_0067_Hawk Flights 20150819-149_0068_Hawk Flights 20150819-149_0073_Hawk Flights 20150819-149_0076_Hawk Flights 20150819-149_0082_Hawk FlightsPhotographs ©2015 Ine Burke |

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