Plain View

BW Nature-140904-L1007781

BW Nature-140904-L1007799

BW Creek-151021-L1012379_HDR

BW Nature-140904-L1007797

BW Nature-140904-L1007801

BW Nature-140904-L1007805

BW Nature-140904-L1007824

BW Nature-140904-L1007813

Hill -120204-L1002242_HDR-Edit

BW Nature-140904-L1007863

BW Nature-140904-L1007825 BW Nature-140904-L1007846

Back Pasture-141024-146_0213-Edit-Edit

Back Pasture-141024-146_0218-Edit

Back Pasture-141024-146_0206-Edit

This body of work exhibits how the natural light in the day exposes the rich textures of nature, in plain black and white.

© Ine Burke |

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