The First Day of Fall

Edgewood, Fall, Nature

The first day of fall, September 22, 2016.

First Day Fall 2016 Catalba Tree

Catalba Tree

First Day Fall 2016 Century Plant

Flowers of Century Plant

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The First Frost

Edgewood, Fall, Nature

The first frost this season arrived on a Sunday morning, November 22.

First Frost-151122-L1012534

Tabasco Pepper plant and the first frost

First Frost-151122-L1012537_HDR

Sun-kissed apple tree top with frosty grasses on its foot

First Frost-151122-L1012539_HDR


First Frost-151123-L1012546_HDR

Steaming creek in the cool morning

First Frost-151123-L1012551_HDR

Steaming creek

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