Welcome December (and sun)!

Edgewood, Fall, Nature, Photography

After a streak of wet and cloudy days, the clouds finally give in to sun.

Painting Birds-151202-153_0106-Edit

Birds watching sunrise

Photograph © Ine Burke | inegaleri.com

A 7 a.m. view from the front porch

Countryscape, Edgewood, Nature, Photography, Skyscape, Winter

A January , 7 a.m., morning view from the front porch.  These subjects with the same point of view have been photographed over and over in different lights, time, and season. Just can’t get enough of them.

Morning Light Jan2015-1 Morning Light Jan2015-2 Morning Light Jan2015-3 Morning Light Jan2015-4Photographs © 2015 Ine Burke | inegaleri.com