Food Vendors – A handmade book

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A photo essay consisting five portraits of food vendors from various cities in Indonesia:

  • Soybean curd dessert vendor on the street of North Bandung
  • Crackers vendor in her traditional kitchen in East Bandung
  • Chinese-style roast pork belly vendor in Belitung Island
  • Gudeg (traditional cuisine of Central Java) booth worker in Yogyakarta
  • Noodle vendor in front of her booth in East Bandung

Book dimension 7″ x 10″ (closed) / 8 leaves of 7″ (opened), printed on premium archival fine art 300 gsm paper, digital inkjet printing, custom made red linen hardcover.

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Portrait, Way of Life

Portrait of The Nineties

A definition of nonagenarian in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “a person who is between 90 and 99 years old.”

My paternal grandmother lived for 100 years. I saw her transformation in her physical appearance over the years, yet her vibrant inner spirit, which illuminated her path in life, remained the same. I believe that one’s inner spirit leads to their perseverance in life and affects how they age.

This photo series consists of composite photos of nonagenarians, combining current images with images from their past. Some photos go back to their childhood. The transformation, perseverance, and memories are what I am trying to present in this body of work. I choose people in their nineties because they are the best to showcase these elements. I and my husband work together in visiting with and taking the current photographs of these inspiring nonagenarians. The past photographs are provided by the family. I pick, compose, and layer the images to make one connected composite between the past and current.

This is an ongoing project that is still growing.

Harold Staton

Harold Staton, 94, Edgewood, Tx – World War II Veteran and former prisoner of war. Now an active church member. Here, he is portrayed with his own self when he was just joined the service, about 18 years old.

Jack Gilbert

Jack Gilbert, 90, Edgewood, Tx – Retired school principal and coach. Now an active church choir member. Here, Mr. Gilbert is portrayed with his own self when he was an Elementary School Principal in New Mexico in the early 1980’s.

Dorothy Hall

Dorothy Hall, 91, Edgewood, Tx – Ms. Hall, portrayed with her childhood photo (around 5 year old) in front of her family sharecropper house in Hillsboro, Tx. Now an active church and community member, plays bingo and bunco weekly.

Dorothy Hall 2

Dorothy Hall, 91, Edgewood, Tx ~ Ms. Hall portrayed with her photo taken when she was around 18 years old.

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Attention Span of a Two Year-Old – By Ine Burke

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This is a photo essay made to record how long a two year-old with a big outdoor spirit can stay focus in one activity. Dressing up in tutu dress is the first thing she asks for to match with one of her stuffed toys. The idea then leads to make-up. Eyeshadow that is. That’s where this photo essay starts. In the end, her outdoor spirit reigns supreme. She spends about 30 minutes playing eyeshadow and more than one hour exploring the gardens with her own personal guard. What a wonderful day.

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